Buehler Home
Buehler Home
3415 N. Sheridan Rd.
Peoria, IL 61604

Established in 1932, the Buehler Home is a private, not-for-profit, non-denominational Life Care Retirement Community. The Buehler Home is situated on 15 attractively landscaped acres, and features a variety of services and facilities designed to meet the needs of older adults. Residents in our community enjoy choice, independence, and dignity. As one of Peoria’s most established retirement communities, the Buehler Home has a tradition for providing affordable living and quality care in a secure environment.

The Buehler Home is a privately endowed, non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization and is recognized by the IRS as a charitable group. A five man Board of Directors governs the Home. All residents are admitted under the terms of a life care contract that provides for dining, services, and residence in independent living as well as unlimited skilled nursing care should it be needed. In keeping with the charitable purpose of the organization, the financial circumstances of a prospective resident will determine the type and terms of the contract offered. No one is refused admittance solely because of their financial circumstances.
The average cost of nursing home care in a Peoria area nursing home is over $55,000 per year. Private insurance and Medicare will cover little, if any, of the costs and Medicaid will cover them only after you have spent down your assets.

What is Life Care?

Life Care is a type of continuing care that provides residents with financial and health care security because long-term care services are available on campus. It combines active and independent retirement living with the confidence of knowing that skilled nursing care is available at the attached Biltmore Health Care Center, should the need arise. In addition, the Residency Contract provides unlimited room, board and care at no charge should a resident need to use the skilled nursing services of the Center.

Most importantly, our Life Care community guarantees its residents that regardless of changes that may lie ahead or an unforeseen depletion of savings or investments, you won’t be forced to leave your home. You never have to worry about outliving your assets, or placing a burden on your children. Our Residency Contract assures that residents can live with us as long as they want, with no curtailment of services, even if their finances take a downturn. This is our commitment to our residents… a commitment we put in writing.

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