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At Hilliard Lyons, we provide comprehensive wealth management services and customized advice. Our focus on planning includes the ever important arenas of education, retirement, business succession and trust and estate planning.

The process of building, preserving and passing along your wealth to the next generation requires a deep understanding of complex trends in business, technology, governmental policy and the economy. More importantly, it requires an awareness of how these trends can impact your investments and ultimately your life goals.

At Hilliard Lyons, we have been providing that kind of singular insight for our clients from generation to generation since 1854.

Over the years, we have helped clients plan for their goals at each life stage. Whether it’s purchasing a new home, sending children to college, preparing for retirement, selling or passing along a business or building a lasting legacy, our objective has always been to help our clients achieve their objectives. We have helped our clients carefully build their wealth over time, by taking advantage of growth opportunities presented in the markets, and by skillfully weathering difficult financial periods including the Great Depression, the market crash of 1987 and the Tech Bubble bust. Through understanding born of generations of experience, we have guided our clients toward their financial objectives regardless of the tenor of the times, and we have helped them preserve their wealth for the future.

Individuals and families with significant assets, who need solutions that reflect their long-term goals and unique circumstances, turn to the Financial Consultants of Hilliard Lyons for guidance they can trust.

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