Mason Point
Mason Point
One Masonic Way
Sullivan, IL 61951
Phone: 217-728-4394
Toll Free: 888-375-8323
Fax: 217-728-4221

Mason Point, previously the Illinois Masonic Home, prides itself in being able to provide quality care to its residents for over one hundred years. Mason Point continues to provide that same quality of care not only to the Masonic Brethren and their families but it is also available to those without Masonic membership.

A complete surrender of assets is no longer a requirement to be a part of the beautiful Mason Point campus at Sullivan. All programs are fee-for-service based, which means you remain in control of your assets. Charitable assistance is available through the Endowment Assistance program for Illinois Masons and their eligible family members.

It is the continued mission of Mason Point at Sullivan to provide a continuum of care on campus through the Independent programs (apartments and duplexes) and licensed programs such as healthcare/rehabilitation and catered care (similar to assisted living) We are also certified to provide Medicare and Medicaid services.


Mason Point, a Masonically sponsored community, is committed to giving

the heartfelt gift of the highest quality service, to everyone, all of the time.

Promises for Great Service

* We will treat everyone, and especially our residents and patients with kindness and genuine caring.
* We will recognize everyone as a unique, special human being.
* We will interact in a friendly, courteous, yet professional manner.
* We will go above and beyond our resident’s and patient’s expectations, to ‘delight’ them with our service.
* We will work cooperatively together to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.
* We will take the initiative whenever we can to identify service problems, identify solutions, and work with our fellow employees and managers to implement them.

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