Montgomery County Health Department
Montgomery County Health Department
11191 Illinois Route 185,
Hillsboro, IL 62049
Phone:(217) 532-2001
Fax:(217) 532-2089

Our Mission
"The Mission of the Montgomery County Health Department is to assure conditions for all residents of the County to be healthy - in the prevention of disease and the promotion of Health. The assessment of, and analysis of, health conditions, whereby local health policies are developed, shall accomplish this. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the Health Department is made up of many parts which fit together to give the services that help prevent disease and disability, prolong life, and assure a clean and healthy community.

SENIOR HEALTH ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – This program provides seniors assistance with the completion of Circuit Breaker, Senior Care and/or the Illinois Rx Buying Club applications and provides answers to questions they may have regarding these programs. Circuit Breaker and Senior Care Programs provide a yearly grant for relief from property tax, mobile home tax, rent or nursing home charges that qualifying seniors and disabled persons pay on their residence and provides discounts on vehicle license plates. In addition, both of these programs provide an optional benefit of pharmaceutical assistance that helps pay for approved prescription medications. Senior Care Program participants may also opt to receive $25.00 per month, rather that the pharmaceutical assistance. The Illinois Rx Buying Club provides discounts on all prescription drugs approved by the FDA and is available through participating pharmacies or mail-order option. Unlike the other two programs, the Illinois Rx Buying Club has no income requirements to participate. This program is funded in part by a grant through Project Life Area Agency on Aging.

MONEY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - This program, in conjunction with AARP, provides senior assistance in managing their finances. The goal of the program is to assist low-income seniors, as well as to promote independent living, prevent unnecessary institutionalization, guardianship or homelessness. AARP recruits volunteers, provides insurance coverage of client funds, and provides program policies, procedures and manuals. Volunteers can assist seniors with opening/ organizing mail, budget set-up, checkbook balancing and bill paying services. If a senior is unable to manage their finances, the SSA may appoint a volunteer as a representative payee to manage their benefits. This program is funded in part by Illinois Department on Aging.

FAMILY CAREGIVER RESOURCE CENTER - This program provides information and linkage to services for individuals who are informal caregivers for person 60 years or older. The program provides one-on-one and/or group trainings and educational programs for caregivers that desire to increase their knowledge and improve their care-giving skills. A Resource Library of educational material, books, videos, etc., has been established and materials are available to be checked out. This program is funded in part through Project Life Area Agency on Aging.
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