Resthave Nursing Home
Resthave Nursing Home
408 Maple Ave.
Morrison, IL 61270
Phone: (815)-772-4021
Fax: (815)-772-4583
Jim Huber, Administrator

Resthave Nursing and Retirement Home participates in Christian witness - a healing ministry of justice, love, peace and service. We affirm our commitment to serve our community, especially the elderly, ill and the disabled. In our works, we affirm the dignity and value of each person. We dedicate our efforts to aid all persons in their striving for human wholeness... physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually. We acknowledge health as a basic human value and commit our efforts to promote, preserve, protect and restore wellness wherever we are able. We embrace the opportunity to extend compassionate service to the suffering and lonely. We acknowledge sickness, suffering and death as an integral aspect of human life. In these moments, we strive to offer hope, healing and peace. We pledge ourselves to these values and beliefs; we commit ourselves to continually seek out ways of embodying them in our services, actions and activities.
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