River Valley Supportive Living Facility
River Valley Supportive Living Facility
1975 East Court St. Kankakee Il 60901
Phone: (815) 936-1000
Fax: (815) 937-4756
Family Direct Phone: (815) 937-4630
General information about the Supportive Living Program...

Illinois developed the Supportive Living Program as an alternative to nursing home care for active people over 65 years of age with a modest income. By combining apartment-style housing with personal care and other services, residents can live independently and take part in decision-making. Personal choice, dignity, privacy and individuality are emphasized.

To test the concept of supportive living for Medicaid clients, the Department of Public Aid has obtained a "waiver" to allow payment for services that are not routinely covered by Medicaid. These include personal care, homemaking, laundry, medication supervision, social activities, recreation and 24-hour staff to meet residents' scheduled and unscheduled needs. The resident is responsible for paying the cost of room and board at the facility.

The Supportive Living Program is open to any resident who:

* Undergoes preadmission screening (individuals seeking assistance through the Medical Assistance Program must be found in need of nursing facility of level of care according to screening guidelines);
* Is without a primary diagnosis of developmental disability or chronic mental illness;
* Is certified by a physician as requiring the level of care provided in a supportive living facility;
* Has income no less than the current maximum allowable amount of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (SSI amounts for 2004 - $564 for a single person; $846 for a couple);
* Has had a tuberculosis test administered in the three months prior to admission that indicates the absence of active tuberculosis.

Residents choose from the following menu of services that are provided by the facility:

* temporary nursing care
* social/recreational programming
* health promotion & exercise program
* medication oversight
* ancillary services
* 24-hour response/security
* personal care
* laundry
* housekeeping
* maintenance

The Supportive Living Facility staff also regularly assess each resident's health status and consult with the resident on an ongoing service plan that promotes health and wellness.

Each Medicaid-eligible resident must have income equal to or greater than the current SSI and contributes all but $125 each month to the provider for lodging, meals and services. The $125 is kept by the tenant as a personal allowance to use as the tenant wishes.
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