Star Cushion Products, Inc.
Star Cushion Products, Inc.
5 Commerce Drive
Freeburg, IL 62243
Toll Free: 888-277-7827
Phone: 618-539-7070
Fax: 618-539-707

About Star Cushion Products

Star Cushion Products, Inc. has been a leading manufacture of quality, therapeutic wheelchair cushions and mattress overlays for the past 14 years. Our goal is to positively impact the quality of life of each individual who uses our therapeutic wheelchair cushions and Support Surfaces through exceptional quality, product performance, function and continued innovation.

Every Star wheelchair cushion is designed to promote independence and support the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Our products offer you the ultimate in skin protection and treatment through our multi-cellular, air adjustable technology. We know that you rely on our products and that our products directly impact your health and your quality of life. Through creative ideas and superior design, we strive to provide you with a full range of products and sizes that address your everyday needs, whether you're playing, studying, at work, at home or on the go.
"Star Cushion is designing products for YOU and YOUR everyday needs."
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