Villa Catherine Assisted & Supportive Living
Villa Catherine Assisted & Supportive Living
491 Clinton Street
Carlyle, Illinois 62231
Phone # (618) 594-8363
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Verna Germanceri - Administrator

Welcome to Carlyle Healthcare Center!

Carlyle Healthcare Center has a tradition of caring for the elderly with respect and dignity for over a century. Along with the continued dedication of the Sisters of the Poor Handmaids, that tradition has proudly carried on throughout the ages. The operating concept at Carlyle Healthcare Center is one that chooses to be different.

Our Mission Statement:
Carlyle Healthcare Center is committed to providing quality physical, mental, social, & spiritual care to our residents through progressive healthcare facilities, professional staff & dedicated management.
Carlyle Healthcare Center's primary objective is to treat each person with honor, respect, and reverence. All are deserving of respect, unfailing kindness and courtesy. This philosophy is the dictating guideline at CHC. We are dedicated to providing all residents with the life they deserve - a life of quality, comfort and dignity.

Carlyle Healthcare Center provides loving care to all people regardless of race, color, or creed.
Welcome to Catherine Kasper Village Independent Living

Catherine Kasper Village is made up of individual homes. The homes are on our campus adjacent to the center, the assisted living and the supportive living. They provide the independence that many retirees wish for, yet allow for the support of the caring staff at the center when assistance is needed

Outdoor Porch

The benefits of being nearby include the use of the chapel, social activities, and prepared meals when needed. These 2 bedroom, 2 bath units include all kitchen and laundry appliances, as well as a garage.
Independent Living

Independent Living units are available to those who require the least assistance, if any. They allow the resident maximum independence as well as access to all the amenities of Carlyle Healthcare Center.
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