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Your 60s is the time to prepare for the changes retirement will bring and start planning to do all those things you've been putting off—travel, spending time with family, community volunteer work. You also have an important financial transition to make. Instead of earning a paycheck, you'll likely have to start paying yourself.
Retirement Essentials in Your 60s

* Consider catching up on retirement contributions. Once you are over 50, you may qualify to make additional catch-up contributions to your retirement plan. To learn more:
o IRA Center
o Make an IRA Contribution
* Consolidate your investments. Consider combining all your tax-deferred retirement plans and accounts into one IRA to help simplify your financial situation.1
o Are you ready to Roll?(PDF)
o IRA Rollover
* Manage your income stream. Start planning how you'll convert your assets to a dependable income that can last your lifetime. Be sure to consider all sources of income, including Social Security.
o Retirement Income
o Well-Stocked for Retirement: Withdrawal Strategies
* Review your retirement plan. Schedule a free retirement consultation with Wachovia to make sure you're still on track. You'll receive a personalized summary including customized results and suggestions to help you plan the future. For more insights on your current status, user our interactive Retirement Planning Checklist.
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