Weinberg Community for Senior Living
Weinberg Community for Senior Living
1551 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

CJE SeniorLife Mission Statement
The mission of CJE SeniorLife is to facilitate independence of older adults and to enhance quality of life by advocating on their behalf and by offering programs and services throughout the continuum of care for individuals, families and the community.
CJE SeniorLife Values Statement

"The test of a people is how it behaves toward the old."
--Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
At CJE SeniorLife, we fulfill our mission and realize our vision for and on behalf of our Clients, our Clients’ families, our Staff, our Board Members, and our Volunteers by striving for excellence through Respect, Advocacy, Compassion, Intention, and Accountability.

* Respect - Kavod
We recognize, honor and acknowledge the inherent value of each person, for their wisdom, their culture, their background, and their unique history.
* Advocacy - Timicha
We give voice to our clients’ needs and facilitate positive action on their behalf. Furthermore, we encourage public policy and continuously educate ourselves and the community to benefit our clients.
* Compassion - Chesed
We treat everyone with caring, sensitivity, understanding, and supportive responsiveness.
* Intention - Kavanah
We approach our work and each task with mindful consideration as to what we are doing and why we are doing it, as individuals and as an agency.
* Accountability - Arevut
We are responsible individually and as an agency for honest, accurate work and interaction with others. We plan strategically and provide measurable quality care with clear fiscal and ethical responsibility.

CJE SeniorLife Vision Statement
CJE SeniorLife will be recognized as the leading provider of programs and services for older adults, responsive to changing community needs throughout the continuum of care.

CJE SeniorLife is dedicated to collaborating with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, hospitals and the larger medical community, other older adult organizations, government agencies, funders and other community organizations. Our work will be enhanced though grants, research and public policy activities. By continually evaluating and improving our operations, CJE SeniorLife will be fiscally sound with balanced social and economic objectives.

CJE SeniorLife is committed to attracting, retaining and developing management, staff, Board members and volunteers who are engaged in fulfilling our mission.

CJE SeniorLife will strive to be the preferred provider for the Jewish community of metropolitan Chicago.
Independent Living
Independent Living
CJE SeniorLife is dedicated to facilitating the independence of older adults and to enhance their quality of life. Many seniors, who do not require personal or medical care, choose to live in the same neighborhoods where they raised their families. CJE SeniorLife has several affordable apartment buildings for seniors throughout the north side and West Ridge area Chicago. They are a wonderful place for seniors to be with others who share similar interests. In addition, CJE SeniorLife provides community-based services like group activities, transportation, home delivered meals, and consumer assistance to many building residents.

Another independent living option is Robineau Residence, with 24 private rooms and baths arranged in suites around a living room and a breakfast nook. This one-story building is located in a residential neighborhood near parks and shopping.

CJE SeniorLife is a partner in serving our community, supported by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation. Copyright ©2009
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